Paper Pumpkin Kits

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  • Do you like to do crafts but don’t feel artistic?
  • Do you need help with ideas?
  • Do you lack money to buy enough supplies at one time for projects?
  • Do you like surprises?
  • Do you like getting things in the mail?
  • Do you like to give handmade items as gifts but never have anything on hand?
  • Do you love handmade cards but don’t want lots of mess, supplies, etc sitting around; and besides, you wouldn’t know how to make something with them anyways?  
A yes to any of these questions and paper pumpkin kits are for you!

Paper Pumpkin Kits are crafting without having to think of ideas, shop for supplies, or deal with lots of mess!

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There are two ways to subscribe…

  1. Prepaid subscriptions.  A great way to send a fun gift to a friend!
  2. Pay as you go.


Prepaid Subscriptions…

(Order in my online store, found under paper pumpkin on the left hand sidebar.)  May also order in a workshop, or through me. Once you have ordered you will receive a code in your email.   To redeem, go to my paper pumpkin site, and then to redeem now, at the bottom of the page.

1 month        $19.95

3 months      $59.85

6 months     $113.70     Saves $1 per month

12 months   $215.40     Saves $2 per month

Note:  If you order a 6 month subscription you only need $36.40 more on your order to get free hostess gifts!  A 12 month subscription will earn you free hostess gifts!  (Unless you are ordering under another hostess.)


Pay as you go

Simply go to My Paper Pumpkin Site and sign up.  You may cancel anytime or even skip a month if you so wish.  Simply go to your account on the My Paper Pumpkin Site and indicate your change by the 10th of the month you want the change.

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My Online Store

My Paper Pumpkin Site

My Paper Pumpkin Site


095 May Paper Pumpkin Kits

Paper Pumpkin Club…

If you are interested in getting together with others to put your kit together and discover alternate ways to use your kit, please contact me.  Once I have 5 people willing to commit to a monthly club for 5 months, we will begin taking turns as hostess for those free hostess benefits!    The club is free provided you are a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber.

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