Custom Requests

Custom Requests…

I would love to have the privilege of making your wedding invitations, baby announcements, scrapbooks (or just a few pages), paper crafted favors or table decorations, etc!  Please contact me to discuss your custom requests in terms of needs, pricing, time frame, etc.  Be assured I will be working closely with you.

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Here is an example of how I work with you.

First I talk with you to get an idea of what you are looking for, your personality, colors, etc.  Then I send you some samples or ideas for you to tell me if you see any items that you want; or, parts of items that I should pull from, to come up with some prototypes to begin narrowing down what you would like.

Some of the prototypes from wedding invitations I made:

custom requests prototype custom requests prototype 2

custom requests prototype 3custom requests prototype 4

custom requests prototype 5

custom requests prototype 6

Final Product:

custom requests final product

Rachel’s Wedding Invitations (does not include Registry Cards), My website has changed to

Packed and Ready to go:

custom requests packed

Invitations packed and ready to send. My website has changed to


Here is a Wedding Album I did for a Beach Wedding…

I should mention that it was our Pastor and Assistant Pastor’s children that were marrying.  They had a small private family wedding at the ocean and had a dinner and reception at the church.  The album follows the correct order of things.

custom request Page 1 Discovery

The story of how they met.

Custom request Pages 2 and 3

A page each to tell about the groom and bride.  There is a spot for each one’s parents to write them a note if they so choose.  The tags are hidden to keep the notes private.  The pages are specially designed to show interests of each person. There is a Bible verse for the groom and one for the bride.  Custom request Pages 4 & 5 - colors actually were same both pages

These two pages were actually the same color.  Sorry about that.  The color on the left is more correct.  This layout is for the proposal.  The verse is 1 Cor. 13 above the YES.  The story can be written out and any special pictures can be included.  The 2 small squares on the left have L/love and C/cherish.

custom request pages 6 & 7

The bridal shower.  The picture was part of the invitation.

custom request Pages 8 & 9

For the Beach Wedding.

custom request Pages 10 & 11

A side each for the bride and groom’s family pictures.  I believe I handwrote a verse for each side of the family.

custom request Pages 12 & 13

Again, both sides were the same colors.  Layout for more wedding pictures.

custom request Pages 14 & 15


custom request Pages 16 & 17

Reception Dinner at Church.

custom request Pages 18 & 19

Church Reception

custom request Page 20  Home, Dreams, Advice

More verses.  For their first home, gifts, dreams as a couple, etc.

I hope you can see that whatever your custom request, much thought is put into each part of the project; and you, will be a part of what I create.  You are the one I am making the project for; and YOU, are the one I want to be happy with it.  I can’t wait to work with your!

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