Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All!

Hi!  What a week!  First, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Paris and the tragedies there.  With family and friends in Europe, it hits close to home!  Now, on to my post for today.  This Thanksgivng colorblock style picture says it all; in terms of just what Thanksgiving is.  That was the whole point, when I designed this.  I wanted anyone to be able to look at this picture and know what Thanksgiving is; and, why  it is celebrated!  What do you think?  Did I accomplish my goal?

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All

Let’s take a closer look.  A picture like this can take me a week or so to plan and think out.  I start by thinking about what I want to portray; and, what I want to say.  Then I look through my  stamps, paper, and accessories, to see what fits what I am looking for.  Sometimes this part is a real challenge!  Then, I start laying out stamps here and there, paper, etc.. The colorblock style allows me to design in blocks which I like.  With a theme, the blocks pretty much coordinate, with very little effort.  Next step is to start cutting paper, and then stamping some images and laying things out.  When I like what I have, I will start attaching.  Eventually, I have a finished project, ready to frame and hang.  Currently, I am making a Holiday wall collage, of which this is a part.

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All 2

Each picture in this wall collage, has a title.  This one is stamped with a retired Stampin’ Up! alphabet set.  Two current designer buttons step it up.

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All 1

This retired Stampin’ Up! set is a favorite of mine.  This little picture reminds me that part of the tradition of Thanksgiving is sharing our blessings with others.  In the beginning it was sharing with the Indians as a way of saying thanks for all you have done for us.  Today it is getting together with family to celebrate our blessings.  We have also been known to invite those that might be alone to come share at our table. The Deco Labels Collection Framelits are in our current catalog.

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All 3

In this section I used the retiring stamp, Just Journaling to write what I am personally thankful for.  The thankful for stamp tells you what I wrote and was punched with the current word window punch.  I love fresh fruits and vegetables, another thing to be thankful for!  You can round the corner with our Project Life corner rounder.

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All 4

Another word expressing the meaning surrounding Thanksgiving.  While food is harvested all summer and most of Fall, it is generally completed by Thanksgiving.  Grain is so important.  It feeds people and animals around the world.  We use the straw from the grain to help plants through the winter, keeps animals warm through eating or sleeping in it;, and, some people even build houses with it!

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says it All 5

Harvest of Blessings… all season long.  Could anything be more appropriate for Thanksgiving.  Corn, another important grain is pictured.

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All 6

The turkey… need I say anything?  “Thank God for what you have and trust God for what you need”.  “In everything give thanks.”  I feel that these are so fitting for Thanksgiving; and, what we are celebrating and doing.  At least for Christians, we look at Thanksgiving as a special time for thanking and trusting God.  The Deco Labels Collection Framelits (around the turkey) and the circle punch, are in the current catalog.Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All 7

I am so thankful that we have tractors to help with planting and harvesting.  It would take so much longer; and, a lot more effort to do that, without tractors and other machinery.  As an old farm girl; and, ranch manager, I have spent many hours on one.  I have also used some horse drawn machinery.  While the later may be more peaceful, it is not easier or faster.

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All 8

“The earth has yielded its fruits;  and God has blessed us.”  How fitting is this verse for Thanksgiving?  We in this country are especially blessed with the fruits of the earth.

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All 10

This country has been settled by people from many different countries.  For that matter, people in many countries have a day or celebration for thanks.  So here is thanks/thank you in three different languages.  My father is a first generation German; and, it is quite common to hear grace said in English and German.  My sister lives in Spain.  I am sure we are not the only family in this country to say thanks in several languages.  The Decorative Label and Extra Large Oval Punches are in the Annual Catalog.

Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says it All 9

Everything else is made with Stampin’ Up! products. This verse is not from Stampin’ Up!.  The paper and glitter brads are. There is so much more to be thankful for than food.  We have family, health, possessions, where we live, freedoms, and more.  This verse kind of hints that we need to thank God because He is good and has done good things for us.  Sometimes, we want to think that God isn’t there.  How do we know that if it weren’t for God, things might be so much worse for us?  In that sense, God has done even more good, than we might normally think!  It is often the hard times, the challenges we face that can strengthen who we are as a person; and, make us even better.  It can also strengthen our bonds in marriage; and; as a family if we let it.   Going through tough things with another person, can create a special bond that is not easily broken.   Therefore, it is most appropriate to thank God for good and bad in our lives.

As you can see, at least in my mind, Thanksgiving is much more than just a day off work; and, a special meal!  Hopefully I have been able to show how the Thanksgiving Colorblock Style Picture Says It All!  Now it is your turn to make a special scrapbook page/layout; or, picture, to show what Thanksgiving means to you.  What a wonderful thing, to have another way of sharing the meaning behind Thanksgiving, with children and grandchildren!

As always, if you need any supplies or stamps, my store is open 24/7.  Don’t forget to check the clearance rack and weekly deals for specials.

Until our next visit, Happy Stampin’ and Scrappin’, Paula


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